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It is all science

There is a proven, scientific system, a method to follow, to make sure any dream can come true.

All you need to do is to know how and take the right steps.

Anyone can reach their biggest dream if they want to.
I can show you how.

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I’m Linda.
Mentor and inspirational singer from Norway.

To live a life with passion you need to grow.
And to grow you need a goal or dream to reach for.
It will give you a meaningful life with happiness and joy.

Anything is possible.
It can look like a miracle when a dream comes true.
But it's not a miracle.
It is actually science.

You can reach any dream by following the right, proven system.
If you feel an inner calling, go for it. Go for your dream. It is what you are ment to do.

"When, if not now?"


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My mentor was Bob Proctor 

Bob Proctor studied the laws of the universe and how to reach goals since 1961 and up until he passed away in February 2022.

Since I saw Bob Proctor in "The Secret" in 2007 I said:
 "I'm gonna work with that man!"

A dream came true and for a periode of my life he was my mentor, until he passed away in February 2022.


Bob thought me how anyone can reach any goal they set for themselves using the proven system that has helped millions become successful and reach goals they thought were impossible to achieve.

It was his life purpose to teach this to as many people as possible and now it has become my life mission.

Now I want to pass it on to you.
Like he did to me.

It is your turn!
Listen to the hunch within.
Go follow the dream you are  ment to follow.

I know you have it inside. We all have!


Let's get started.

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Listen to this 
"When, if not now?" 

Music video by Linda Fosse
(The dubbed version of the Norwegian original "Kortid, visst ikkje no?" )